Strong Rope Brewery (Pandemic Edition)

That last line is a little bitter towards current beer trends, but I was just offered a “sour beer” that tasted like lemon juice and vinegar cut with cayenne peppers, so I’m feeling a little bitter.

For the record, the best wings and beer combo is the “Wangs” 3-piece with Hot Sauce, consumed with the Blood of the Gods Red Ale.

Strong Rope Brewery in Gowanus. 574A President St., between Third and Fourth avenues. (929) 337-8699. Open Sun-Wed, noon-9 pm; Thu-Sat, noon-10 pm. 

Strong Rope also has a new location in Red Hook, coming later this summer. It’s going to have a truly ridiculous view. 

Wangs. 671 Union St. between Fourth and Fifth avenues in Park Slope. (718) 636-6390. Open noon-9 pm.  

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