N. 11th St. Cookout (pandemic edition)

N. 11 St. Cookout.  86 N. 11th St. at Wythe Avenue in Willliamsburg, (917) 410-0882, www.n11stcookout.com. Open weekdays 4-11 pm; Sat-Sun, noon-11 pm. 

This new pop-up beer garden, across the street from the Brooklyn Brewery, is simple but fun. Each table has a QR code, and you order on your phone. Waiters have masks and gloves, and the tables are far enough apart that it feels fine to relax and take of your mask. 

Beers were $8 for drafts, and there were some highballs (Moscow Mule, Aperol Spritz) and frozen drinks for $12-$14. Food was good, but nothing special. It was just relaxed, you know?

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