Standard Wormwood Distillery (revised)

Standard Wormwood Distillery Tasting Room and Bar. 68 34th St. between Second and Third avenues, enter from Industry City Courtyard 5/6. (718) 635–4368,

Standard Wormwood is a regular stop when I visit Industry City. I especially love Wormwood’s agave spirit (they can’t legally call it tequila because it isn’t made in Mexico), which I use in Margaritas, and stir with dry vermouth to make a great tequila martini.

Those of you who have been following me for a while will note some similarities to the last time I drew Standard Wormwood, during the pandemic. I recycled a few elements from the previous version, for the following reasons: 1) My opinions have not changed. 2) I knew that I couldn’t improve on that drawing of a rye bottle, and 3) I was finishing the comic at 1 AM.

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