MCC2014: Industry Invitational

My second day of the Cocktail Classic was all about the Industry Invitational, a series of lectures, workshops, and seminars for people “in the industry” – e.g. bartenders, distillers, and journalists.

First stop: “The Art of Ice and Tastes of Ginger Beer”

Betsy Andrews and Camper English discussed the role of ice in drinks, and demonstrated how to carve it for a cocktail:


I missed most of the ginger beer discussion (running late), but they noted that ginger beer has a classic cocktail for every major spirit:

  • Vodka – Moscow Mule
  • Rum – Dark & Stormy
  • Cognac – Horse’s Neck
  • Tequila – El Diablo
  • Gin – Foghorn or Gin Buck
  • Bourbon – Kentucky Buck (relatively recent, but hitting classic status)
  • Scotch – Presbyterian

(The event was sponsored by new magazine Saveur Drink. They had some preview copies available, and I’m really excited about it.)

Then I wandered off to a tasting room, where many, many different liquor companies wanted me to try their products. It wound up like this:





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