MCC: Brooklyn State of Mind

The Manhattan Cocktail Class has a bunch of events that are open to the to the public  – if you bought a ticket in time, that is. One event that sold out in a day was “Brooklyn State of Mind… Believe the Hype!” at the Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg.

It got a wide variety of people:


Most chose this event because it was a hands-on demonstration.


The companies were: Jack From Brooklyn (Sorel hibiscus liqueur), Industry City Distillery (No. 4 Vodka), Henry Steele Imports (El Buho Mezcal), Brooklyn Gin, Van Brunt Stillhouse (Due North Rum), and The Noble Experiment (Owney’s Rum.)

Each was at a different station, with the Noble Experiment out back in the garden:


(I enjoy drawing people wielding shakers).

It was a pretty great event to start my Cocktail Classic.

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